Google Analytics

Google Web AnalyticsUsing the correct tools and services, you can get very precise details about what is happening on your web site.

Google Web Analytics is a free tool that lets you measure who comes to your web site, where they came from, and what they do when they get there.


Conversion Tracking

You can also use Google Web Analytics to do conversion tracking (aka Goal Tracking). Conversion Tracking means recognising that certain pages have a particular significance, like a ‘Thank your for your order’ page or a ‘Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter’ page.

These are the pages that you really want your visitors to hit, because that means they have completed an activity of particular interest on your site. You can attach a monetary value to these pages if you wish, and monitor them separately.



A funnel is a series of pages leading up to a goal. For example, people must visit your ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ page before actually signing up.

But what if a lot of people visit the subscribe page, and then don’t sign up? This means that you have a conversion that did not reach its goal. This kind of information is very useful in telling you where your site is failing to fully engage with your visitors.


Setting Up Google Web Analytics

ADKC Web Design can get your site set up on Google Web Analytics. We can work together to decide what pages should be targeted for conversion tracking, and what funnels lead to those target pages. By analysing your visitors’ behaviour, you can really see what people want, and use the information boost your website’s performance.

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